Who Said This?

Who said this about the individual mandate for health insurance?

“But my point to conservatives is, it’s a model of responsibility.  If I see somebody who’s earning over $50,000 a year, who has made the calculated decision not to buy health insurance, I’m looking at somebody who is absolutely as irresponsible as anybody who was ever on welfare.

“And so I’m actually in favor of finding a way to say, if you’re above whatever — whatever the appropriate income level is, you ought to have either health insurance, or you ought to post a bond.  But we have no right, we have no right in this society, to have a free-rider approach if you’re well off economically, to say we’ll cheat our neighbors.”


It sounds like Mitt Romney, but this quote is actually from Newt Gingrich.  Besides loving money and the ladies, Newtie loves him some individual mandates for health insurance.

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