You Can’t Outrun the Bear If You Can’t Outrun the Baier

President Obama’s re-election chances are being judged by his low approval ratings.  In the old joke, Bob and Jim are hiking, when a bear begins chasing them.  Bob tells Jim that they can’t outrun the bear.  Jim tells Bob that he doesn’t have to outrun the bear, he just has to outrun Bob.

Right now, Obama’s approval ratings are the bear, and it’s chasing only him.

But once the Republicans have a nominee, Obama doesn’t have to outrun the bear, he just has to outrun his opponent.

Based on Mitt Romney’s performance on the stump so far, I don’t think Obama will have a hard time outrunning him.

Mitt had a terrible interview with Bret Baier of Fox News yesterday.  Mitt was testy and combative, impatient and nasty, with the mild-mannered Baier, who offered him a chance to explain his flip-flops without embarrassing Mitt by playing any of the offending sound bites.  Mitt chewed his head off and, rather than use the friendly forum to explain how and why his views had changed, he flat out denied that he had changed policy except for abortion.

Maybe Baier didn’t play the relevant clips, but they exist, and they will be played over and over again.  President Obama has had more successful interviews with Fox.

The interview was bizarre.  They were sitting in a warehouse surrounded by flats of juice.  It was as if they were kidnap victims waiting for their ransom to be paid.  It was like a scene from a Quentin Tarantino movie.

If Mitt can’t handle Fox, how is he going to do on networks that aren’t the propaganda arm of the GOP?  He can’t refuse to do interviews and avoid the Sunday talk shows in the general.  The Rose Garden strategy only works if you happen to live in the White House.

Mitt, if you can’t handle the Baier, the bear will eat you alive.

3 comments on “You Can’t Outrun the Bear If You Can’t Outrun the Baier

  1. Obama will not have to outrun any of the buffoons seeking the GOP nod to the mound.
    The skid marks left by these fools (except for Huntsman) before their final crash will leave no doubt who caused their accident.
    Cain left the bolts off the tires when he changed the four flats because he was distracted by the press continuing to hound him about his bad memory. Willard Adolph Mitt Romney refused to fix the leaking brake lines because he thought it was too expensive and unnecessary to have brakes. Perry forgot to get into the car because it was the third thing he had to remember to do that day. Paul insisted on staying clear of the main roads and gave directions to the driver for back roads with slippery slopes to navigate. Santorum kept screaming at the driver that he needed to go to church and opened the door while the car was in motion. Newt got behind the wheel and shifted the car into “drive” when Bachman jumped into his lap and insisted on driving. Newt got excited from Bachman’s undulations on his lap and was heard saying that Callista won’t mind, she’s an understanding woman and that she understood his need for a little outside sexual activity once in a while.
    As the GOPmobile was gaining on Obama, they came to a red light but couldn’t stop
    for all of the above reasons of their dysfunction and as the vehicle crashed into a Bain Capital oil truck and exploded, Obama looked back at the fiery scene and said, I’ve had enough, I think I’ll ask Hillary if she wants a go at it.

  2. Roni Jordan says:

    Look up vainglorious in your American Heritage Dictionary – and insert Romney’s smarmy face in the margin.

  3. Roni Jordan says:

    Romney’s shit-eating grin was played over and over again by Comedy Central – I forget whether it was Daily Show or Colbert Report. Regardless, the man is a mannequin. He belongs in a Jordan Marsh window, circa 1965, wearing his checked shirt and Brylcremed hairdo.

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