I Was Waiting for This!

Michele Bachmann said that she would respond to the attack on the British Embassy in Tehran by closing our embassy there!  Except of course we haven’t had an embassy in Iran since the hostage crisis in 1979, when we broke diplomatic relations with them.  So good idea, Michele, just more than 30 years late.

I knew one of the dumb bunnies in the race (or perhaps Sarah Palin) would say this, but I thought it would be Herman Cain.  I figured if he didn’t know China has had nuclear weapons since 1964, he wouldn’t know about our lack of diplomatic relations with Iran.

My second choice was Bachmann, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt because she’s on the House Intelligence Committee.  Never give that woman the benefit of the doubt.

Michele, the only reason they attacked the British Embassy is because there isn’t an American one.  Duh!

2 comments on “I Was Waiting for This!

  1. Roni Jordan says:

    And yet the dumb bunnies who find her an attractive candidate don’t care about her grasp of the facts. It makes your head explode.

  2. This moron was 23 when the Iran hostage crisis occured under the watchful eye of another moron, Jimmy Carter who in his ineptitude accomplished 180 degrees opposite of what Obama accomplished in killing Bin Laden.
    Back to Bachman. So what was she doing when she was 23?
    She wasn’t the famous trained tax lawyer back then, so what could she have been doing when our embassy personnel were held captive for over 400 days by these Islamic fundamentalist terrorists?
    Probably learning the intricate art of applying an irrational amount of eye make up to attract that manly man of high religious dedication; her husband with whom, only God knows what.

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