Blue Tiffany’s Boxes All Around

I’ve heard that when they come to work tomorrow, everyone at the New Hampshire Union Leader will find a blue Tiffany’s box on his or her desk.  An early Christmas!

Because one thing you have to admit about the One Percent, like Newtie and Callista, is that they know how and where to shop.

2 comments on “Blue Tiffany’s Boxes All Around

  1. If Gingrich and Adolph Willard Romney spend enough of their own fortunes butting heads, they might fall out of the 1 percent and have to occupy something. But it won’t be the “oval office.”

  2. Callista should ask Tiffanys if they could fashion a Tiffany blue hair guard for her, not to protect her hair but to protect the secret service from it’s sharp edge. Looks like a table saw…..Whirrrrrrrrrrr!

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