Pepper Spray Is a “Food Product”

I find the clip of peaceful, seated students at U. C. Davis being pepper-sprayed at very close range, the way we’d whip out the Raid at the sight of ants in our kitchen, truly appalling and un-American.

But according to Fox News, it’s more as if they were being fed than attacked.  Megyn Kelly tells Bill O’Reilly the pepper spray is a “food product.”

Why don’t Megyn and Bill demonstrate for “the folks” just how benign and harmless this stuff is by being pepper sprayed on air?

One comment on “Pepper Spray Is a “Food Product”

  1. Harris Jordan, Esquire says:

    I’ll have a Bloody Mary very spicy, hold the Tobasco and the horseradish, but heavy on the pepper spray. What? Pepper spray is not an FDA approved ingredient?

    But Bill Reilly’s people told me it was food.


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