To the GOP: You’re Losing Me with Your Field of Losers

To Reince Preibus or the Koch Brothers or whoever is in charge of the GOP:

I joined the Republican Party because I believe in less government and lower taxes.  I wasn’t looking for less knowledge and lower I. Q.’s, which is what your presidential candidates offer.

I joined the Republican Party because I believe in a strong national defense.  I wasn’t looking for candidates who are defensive about their ignorance on national security issues.

The ongoing gaffes and embarrassments of the candidates don’t just affect them individually, they are having a cumulative effect on the Republican Party itself.

When Herman Cain somehow spends almost fifty years without learning that China is a nuclear power, it reflects not just on him, but on the party.  When he can’t give a simple, straight answer on Libya, which has been a major news story for months, it reflects not just on him, but on the party.

When Michele Bachmann says that the HPV vaccine “ravages” girls, while appearing oblivious to how cancer “ravages” women, it reflects not just on her, but on the party.  When she hears that China wants to end using the dollar as a reserve currency and introduces a bill in Congress stating that our dollar can’t be taken away, showing a complete lack of understanding of what a reserve currency is, it reflects not just on her, but on the party.

Unfortunately, I could go on and on because this pathetic group you offer as “the field” provides endless examples of their lack of fitness to be president.

Even the supposedly smart, normal ones like Mitt and Newt were falling all over themselves changing their minds on Libya, while President Obama quietly persevered and got rid of Qaddafi.

Much was made of Rick Perry’s incoherent response about a 3 A. M. phone call on Pakistan’s nukes.  Dumb as his answer was, it wasn’t worse than Mitt’s recent op-ed in The Wall Street Journal on Iran, where he said he would keep them from getting nuclear weapons by irrelevant means like talking to the dissidents and positioning more aircraft carriers.

Conventional wisdom holds that a tough primary fight strengthens the ultimate nominee for the general election.  But this primary isn’t about candidates surviving insults and growing a thick skin, it’s about candidates insulting our intelligence and making our skin crawl.

3 comments on “To the GOP: You’re Losing Me with Your Field of Losers

  1. Roni Jordan says:

    This is your best blog yet. Your frustration is absolutely palpable.

  2. Bravo.
    If the people who endorse the “republican party” cast of candidates are the 1 percent, which the Kotch Brothers certainly are and the other members of the 1 percent think that Occupy Wall Street is a flas in the Pam, they ate delusional and probably all ought to chip in and buy another country to live in because this movement is gaining momentum, Obama will be reelected by a landslide, and the 99 percent will get their share, which may very well include much of the assets of the Kotch brothers.

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