Newt Was Making $30,000 an Hour?

Freddie Mac was paying Newt Gingrich $30,000 a month.  Tonight, Newt told Greta Van Susteren that his “strategic consulting” for them consisted of their coming in to meet with him for about an hour each month.

So they were paying him $30,000 an hour?

Keep digging, Newt.

One comment on “Newt Was Making $30,000 an Hour?

  1. How does one earn $30,000.00 an hour?
    That’s $262,800,000.00 a year.
    Why would he want to be president for a mere $400,000.00 a year?
    Oh I see, he’s not doing it for the money.
    It’s his love and devotion to his country.
    And he’s not really making $262,800,000.00 a year. He’s just making $30,000.00 an hour for as many hours as he can teach history to some entity that wants to learn history.
    And he’s an expert historian.
    Never mind, just shoot me.

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