Thanks a Lot, Georgia

The sadistic Georgia Republican Party has just announced that they are sponsoring a presidential debate on March 1.  Where is Gen. Sherman when you need him?

At that point, it might just be Mitt debating both sides of each issue with himself.  And who better to do that?

For those of you keeping score at home, we have endured 12 debates and have 16 to go.   My God, we’re not even halfway there.

One comment on “Thanks a Lot, Georgia

  1. Romney debating himself:

    Okay, well I’m going to flip on that question.
    Other Romney: No wait, that’s my position and it’s always been my position since I flipped on that yesterday.
    Other Romney: Well, if you flipped on that yesterday, then I’m going to have to flop omit today. We have to be consistent you know.
    I agree, no wait a minute, I don’t agree.

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