Rupert Murdoch Outs Cain Accuser

Rupert Murdoch has outed one of the Herman Cain accusers who sought to remain anonymous.  She is Karen Kraushaar, the one who settled with the NRA and has been speaking through her lawyer, Joel Bennett.  Bennett has said that Kraushaar’s claims are consistent with Sharon Bialek’s.

Kraushaar is a registered Republican and a federal employee who works in the Inspector General’s Office at the Treasury Department.  Like Bialek, she is a pretty blonde.

So now we have another name and face attached to the sexual harassment accusations.

I’m surprised the Koch Brothers didn’t vet their boy more thoroughly.  But Cain is a champion B.S. artist.

One comment on “Rupert Murdoch Outs Cain Accuser

  1. Harris Jordan, Esquire says:

    Herman Cain will go the way of O.J. Simson, but with a twist. Cain will not be acquitted by the American people, and more importantly, he will not be acquitted by the republican powers that be.

    With O.J., he had nothing to lose because he was faced with first degree murder with a possible fate of either the death penalty or no possibility of parole. That’s why he assembled the “dream team” and pulled out all stops to convince the racist jury that “this black man was just another black man framed by a white system.”

    His verdict of “not guilty” should never to be confused with the word “innocent”, because you can be guilty as hell and not be proven guilty as hell. He sure as hell wasn’t found innocent. Enough of O.J. he’s where he belongs.

    Cain is guilty as hell of at least lying to the American people and to his own staff and supporters.

    From not knowing anything about anything, he has been interviewed incessantly and shown to have specific knowledge of his accusers names, faces, and accusations. From “I don’t know what you are talking about” to “I did nothing wrong” to “They are all liars”, Cain has wrapped himself up in the O.J. blanket of “If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit”.

    But alas, there is no evidence at all in these scenarios that he was wearing gloves when he allegedly groped those women.

    Finally, even a whore can be raped. Even a whore can say “no”. Even a whore can say “stop.”

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