Who Said This about Herman Cain?

Who said this about Herman Cain:  “The fact this guy got this far knowing nothing, standing for nothing…is more of an indictment against us than Mr. Cain.”?

Diane Sawyer?  Scott Pelley?  Brian Williams?

Actually it was Steve Deace, the conservative talk radio host based in Des Moines, who is one of the most politically powerful people in Iowa.  Ask Mitt Romney, whom he helped defeat in the Iowa Caucus in 2008.  Ask Mike Huckabee, whom he helped win.

Aside from calling out Cain for being an idiot, Deace has also accused him of “awkward and inappropriate” behavior toward Deace’s female staffers.

Winning the Iowa Caucus and getting on Steve Deace’s bad side are mutually exclusive.

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