The Real High-Tech Lynching

As comparisons are made between Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas, including the bizarre interview of Cain by Thomas’ wife Ginni, she who favors foam Statue-of-Liberty crowns as part of her wardrobe, we should remember who really was the victim of a high-tech lynching — Anita Hill.

She was called “a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty,” and the meme took hold, even though it was a baseless smear.  The right succeeded because Joe Biden cut her off at the knees by cancelling other witnesses who were going to corroborate her testimony.  He was intimidated by the Republicans and terrified of having them turn their full wrath on him and destroy him politically.  So he tossed them Hill, they swallowed her up, and went away sated.

David Brock, Anita Hill’s main accuser, who wrote both a vicious article about her in The American Spectator and a book called The Real Anita Hill, later repented and became a liberal.  He wrote another book, Blinded by the RightThe Conscience of an ExConservative, apologized to Hill, and founded Media Matters for America, dedicating himself to calling out right-wing lies.

Clarence Thomas never should have been confirmed.  Thank you, Joe Biden, for a wimpy and crappy job.  You may be a fan of JFK, but you are no profile in courage.

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