The Koch Brothers Owe George Orwell Royalties

The Koch Brothers’ front group Americans for Prosperity is having a summit this weekend called “Defending the American Dream,” which should be called “Destroying the American Dream.”

The Koch Brothers are doing their utmost to eradicate upward mobility and eliminate fundamental fairness in this country.  Oh, and destroy the environment along the way, so our kids won’t just be poorer, they’ll be unhealthier as well.

The Koch Brothers are pulling the strings of their ignorant puppet, Herman Cain, who is speaking at the summit today.

Mitt “I’m Also Unemployed” Romney is appearing as well.  I guess he will offer his considerable expertise on raping companies and eliminating jobs.

Rudy “9/11, 9/11, 9/11” Giuliani will also be there, offering advice on how to profit from the next terrorist attack, so you too can buy a co-op on the Upper East Side and a McMansion in the Hamptons.

It is disgusting that these people whom America has given so much are devoting their lives to defecating on her.

2 comments on “The Koch Brothers Owe George Orwell Royalties

  1. Roni Jordan says:

    ‎”The poor have sometimes objected to being governed badly; the rich have always objected to being governed at all” – G.K. Chesterton

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