The Cain Mutiny

So now a third former employee at the National Restaurant Association has told AP that Herman Cain sexually harassed her. Let’s hope that with this third strike, this completely unqualified and uninformed embarrassment of a candidate will be out.

As for the other former employee whose attorney is asking the NRA to release her from her confidentiality agreement, she doesn’t need a permission slip from anybody.  Her settlement agreement with the NRA provided for mutual non-disparagement.  By denying the woman’s claims, Cain is calling her a liar and a blackmailer, which is pretty disparaging.  The settlement agreement is dead, and she should give her side of the story.

One comment on “The Cain Mutiny

  1. marcjan says:

    Don’t be quick to assume that Herman Cain will not survive this.

    What makes him any more of an embarrassment than some of the other GOP candidates who are running?

    Try to keep an open mind.

    Certainly, Herman Cain is in play now more than he ever was before.

    Alleged victim and Accuser No. 3 rains on Herman Cain’s campaign parade with her accusations of sexual harassment. But, she refuses to disclose her identity.

    Join the conversation and leave a comment on: “Accuser No. 3 rains on Cain’s campaign parade with sexual harassment allegations,”


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