Rick Perry’s Shout Out to the Birthers

Just as in a horror movie, when you think the monster is dead, and he gets up again, the birthers are back.  Rick Perry’s saying he’s not convinced President Obama’s birth certificate is real.

I know Perry is desperate, with his crappy debate performances and his plunging polls, but birtherism?  Really? That’s his comeback issue in an election about  job creation?

Perry’s sudden interest in beating this dead horse is thanks to his having dinner with Donald Trump, who apparently whispered in his ear about the Communist Kenyan Muslim.  What other idiots would Perry listen to if he were in the Oval Office?

Perry’s embrace of the fringe just helps Mitt “I’m Also Unemployed” Romney.  Was that Trump’s plan all along?  Both Mitt and the Donald are all hot for a trade war with China.  Trump isn’t smart, but he’s clever, kind of like Sarah Palin.

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