None of the Above

The Republican debates are supposed to help voters narrow the field and figure out which candidate they like best.  For me, with each debate, my response is more and more “none of the above.”  What a truly pathetic group they are and how painful it is to watch them.  My reactions to them and their responses are all negative — crazy, desperate, delusional, dumb, goofy, ignorant, phony, slick, sanctimonious, uninformed.  The GOP certainly has everything in its favor this cycle — except its candidates!

President Obama must be loving these debates because he wins every one of them.

One comment on “None of the Above

  1. Harris Jordan says:

    If Ronald Regan came back from the dead, and these pathetic excuses for candidates keep exalting his name, he would say, don’t any of you who have a job, give up your day job. Of course that wouldn’t apply to Romney because he’s “also unemployed”.

    As Obama goes quietly about his business, killing Bin Laden, backing the Arab Spring revolutions, helping Lybia kill Kadaffi, attempting to jump start the country’s economy by any number of republican rebuked plans, these moronic candidates for reality shows spew venom at each other and Obama who is a shoo in for reelection.

    This whole segment of America, those who show up to watch these buffoons, and their representatives in Congress have no idea how much of a landslide Obama is going to have.

    Then what? Four more years of their trying to find a spark of intelligence to defeat the dems in 2016?

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our economy is collapsing, Congress stays gridlocked, and we will soon be accepting foreign aid from third world countries.

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