If Pakistan Won’t Listen to Us, Will They Listen to China?

Our pitch to Pakistan that the internal threat from Islamic extremists is their biggest threat, not India, has long fallen on deaf ears.  They remain obsessed with India even as terrorists the Pakistanis have encouraged and aided turned against their masters and conducted operations within Pakistan itself, not just as they were supposed to in Kashmir, India, and Afghanistan.

As relations between the U. S. and Pakistan have grown contentious, Pakistan has turned more and more to China. But now the Chinese are warning about the terrorist threat within Pakistan.  China has just cancelled a $19 billion deal in coal, power, and chemicals, because, as the Wall Street Journal reports, of concerns for the safety of their workers.  So Pakistan’s willful blindness to the threat everyone else sees is costing them their largest foreign investment ever.


One comment on “If Pakistan Won’t Listen to Us, Will They Listen to China?

  1. Follow the money. We need to put a big sting operation into effect to root out the corruption and treachery that defines Pakistan. Bin Laden needed money to fund his terrorIsm and those remaining in his organization and the Taliban would sell their first and second born for the God almighty dollar. Send in the special ops with boatloads of money, kill the bastards, secure the nukes (permanently disable them) take the money back, get the he’ll out of there and never look back.

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