Rick Perry’s Loss Is Not Michele Bachmann’s Gain

Even with the mounting dissatisfaction and dismay about Rick Perry, no one is suggesting a second look at Michele Bachmann.  He stole her Tea Party thunder, but even as he stumbles, she’s not getting it back.

Perry may be getting more negative attention than he’d like, but Bachmann is now being ignored, which is what her ignorance deserves.

Romney the Empty Suit v. Perry the Empty Ten-Gallon Hat

I’ve always viewed Mitt “I’m Also Unemployed” Romney as an empty suit, who was born on third-base with a mouthful of silver spoons, a pale shadow of his dad in terms of intellect and leadership ability.

But with each debate, Rick Perry is showing himself to be an empty ten-gallon hat.  If the “anybody but Romney” crowd thought he was their savior, it’s becoming obvious they were wrong.

Pakistan Defeats Perry

I thought Rick Perry had a really weak moment in the Republican Debate when he was asked what he would do if Pakistan’s nukes fell into Taliban hands.

He gave a totally non-responsive answer about India and F-16’s.  His whole tough-guy persona evaporated.  He was more deer in the headlights than hunter with deer in his cross-hairs.

David Brooks Doesn’t Read His Own Paper

In today’s NYT David Brooks writes “at least Republicans respect Americans enough to tell us what they really think.”  Apparently he missed yesterday’s article about Mitch Daniels headlined “Republican Calls for a More Honest Debate.”  Daniels chided his own party for not being “more candid and honest.”

Republicans tell us what they think the Tea Party wants to hear.  They pander to the lowest common denominator of that sorry bunch — the ignorant, pathetic guy with the goofiest costume and the sign with the most misspellings.

If Republicans respected us, they would show a little respect for basic economics, math, and science.


The Real Agenda of the Republican Debates

Oh, no, the Republicans are having another debate!  Didn’t we just get them out of our family rooms and pay good money for a Shaman to get rid of any evil spirits that came through the TV?

This isn’t about the presidential campaign.  This constant debating is their sneaky way of reducing the national debt by getting us to slit our wrists, so we can’t collect our Social Security and Medicare.

Thursday’s debate is on Fox, so expect your Shaman to charge extra.

Will Romney Pay to Keep Bachmann, Santorum, and Paul Afloat?

Typically when you’re running for president, your aim is to get your opponents to drop out as soon as possible.  But in Mitt “I’m Also Unemployed” Romney’s case, he needs Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul to stick around to help him against Rick Perry.  They do this both by their Greek Chorus attacks on Perry and by draining far-right votes away from him in early contests.

We know that Mitt agreed to help Tim Pawlenty retire his campaign debt in exchange for an endorsement.  Given the loosey-goosey state of soft money allowed under Citizens United, Mitt can direct money to help Bachmann, Santorum, and Paul.  He can promise them jobs in his Administration, not to drop out, as you’d normally expect by promising someone State or Defense, but to stay in until he sticks a fork in Perry.

Mitt may have to support not only his campaign, but also selective opponents’.  This is his last shot at the nomination, and, if “it takes a village” to get him there, he won’t hesitate.


Will the Millennials Be a Lost Generation?

I am tired of the crocodile tears being shed about the debt we are leaving our children and grandchildren as a Republican rationale to cut spending (but God forbid to raise taxes).  Given all the young people unable to marry and start families because they are living at home, and all the young people who have jobs far below their skill and educational levels, I am much more concerned that this generation will never catch up, never have the career paths and income levels they prepared for and are capable of.

Aside from the money, there is the frustration of working at McDonald’s when you have an advanced degree.  Too much American talent and knowledge are being wasted.

I expect most of these young people would rather get their lives and careers going now and worry later about paying more in taxes or receiving less in benefits decades from now.  To the extent they don’t start earning good money, they will have to pay more for fewer benefits anyway because of the shortfall coming into the Treasury, as the Millennials spend their lives earning less than they would have if they’d gotten off to a decent start..

Too many young Americans have their lives stuck on hold.  When are we going to answer their call?

Table for Two — Newt Gingrich and His Ego

If you look at the economic data and think, “You know what we need?  A new Contract with America,” your wish is Newt Gingrich’s command.  Not only is Newtie going to present a new Contract, he promises this one will be “ten times deeper and more comprehensive” than his original Contract from 1994 that mostly never became law.

He also compares himself to Abraham Lincoln, saying his ideas are “exactly what Lincoln would have campaigned on.”  So get ready for some bold policy on slavery and building a transcontinental railroad!

Rick Perry may want to undo the New Deal and take us back to the 1920’s, but why stop there?   Newtie’s way-back machine is revved up and headed for the 1850’s.

Sick of This “Class Warfare” Crap? Thank Frank Luntz.

The GOP’s spinning of garden-variety progressive taxation as “class warfare” is nothing new.  Way back in March 2008, before President Obama was elected, back when the Tea Party referred to an 18th century event, evil genius Frank Luntz was accusing him of class warfare on evil moron Sean Hannity’s show on Fox.