Will the Millennials Be a Lost Generation?

I am tired of the crocodile tears being shed about the debt we are leaving our children and grandchildren as a Republican rationale to cut spending (but God forbid to raise taxes).  Given all the young people unable to marry and start families because they are living at home, and all the young people who have jobs far below their skill and educational levels, I am much more concerned that this generation will never catch up, never have the career paths and income levels they prepared for and are capable of.

Aside from the money, there is the frustration of working at McDonald’s when you have an advanced degree.  Too much American talent and knowledge are being wasted.

I expect most of these young people would rather get their lives and careers going now and worry later about paying more in taxes or receiving less in benefits decades from now.  To the extent they don’t start earning good money, they will have to pay more for fewer benefits anyway because of the shortfall coming into the Treasury, as the Millennials spend their lives earning less than they would have if they’d gotten off to a decent start..

Too many young Americans have their lives stuck on hold.  When are we going to answer their call?

One comment on “Will the Millennials Be a Lost Generation?

  1. Harris Jordan, Esquire says:

    With a four year college degree costing around $200,000.00 that well meaning parents have socked away in better times, not only are the parents out the $200,000.00, but the college degree is a worthless, dime a dozen piece of sheepskin that will take the kids forever to make a living from a job for which they qualify, but doesn’t exist.

    Obama, and the United States Congress have let this happen because nobody is acting in good faith, ALL THINGS BEING POLITICAL!!!

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