Sick of This “Class Warfare” Crap? Thank Frank Luntz.

The GOP’s spinning of garden-variety progressive taxation as “class warfare” is nothing new.  Way back in March 2008, before President Obama was elected, back when the Tea Party referred to an 18th century event, evil genius Frank Luntz was accusing him of class warfare on evil moron Sean Hannity’s show on Fox.

One comment on “Sick of This “Class Warfare” Crap? Thank Frank Luntz.

  1. There have always been princes and paupers.
    America specifically denounced monarchies and although John Adams practiced bowing before meeting King George, one can tell he was repelled by the thought of it.
    But what have we here?
    Those with and those without. One cannot legislate equality and as far as leveling the playing field is concerned, well, it can never be done in this imperfect world. Equal opportunity is all we can hope for but as lives play out, there will always be class warfare; fact of life on earth.

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