What’s the Deal with Palin and Perry?

When Rick Perry last ran for governor, he faced a primary challenge from Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.  Hutchison had support from Karl Rove, Bush 41, and assorted Bushistas like Karen Hughes.  Sarah Palin vigorously supported Perry and campaigned for him.

So when Perry announced for president, it was expected that Palin, who shows no signs of running herself in terms of staff or organization, would endorse Perry.

Now, rather than endorse him, she’s gone on a tear attacking him for “crony capitalism.”  She’s picked up on Michele Bachmann’s criticism of his support for the vaccine that protects against cervical cancer.

So what’s up with that, as they say on SNL?  Did Perry tell Palin that he would serve out his term and not run?  Did he tell her that he would support her if she ran?  Something has happened between them, something that I believe has Palin personally angry at Perry and off on a vendetta against him.  It’s certainly not that Palin is a fan of Mitt “I’m Also Unemployed” Romney.

Any ideas?

One comment on “What’s the Deal with Palin and Perry?

  1. Palin and Perry, Perry and Palin, the country don’t need em, the country is ailin.
    How can these two Neanderthals (in which they don’t believe) continue to flourish if only as sick jokes on America’s political landscape?
    Does John McCain have a clue as to what a cretin he gave birth? From nowhere she sprung like a mushroom on a soggy bog. A truffle she isn’t, she’s Sarah the peasant.
    So Perry and Palin please get thee gone quick, America needs you like more shlock and sick achtick

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