Rove Battles Both Perry and Palin

Enjoyable as the Rick Perry-Karl Rove fight is, save some popcorn for Rove’s feud with Sarah Palin (who campaigned for Perry in his primary fight against Kay Bailey Hutchison, who had the backing of Rove and assorted Bush family members and aides).  If Palin doesn’t run herself, she will support Perry.  Rove is calling Palin “thin-skinned,” and — horrors — even saying so on Fox.

Meanwhile the new Pew Poll shows that 41% of GOP voters and GOP leaners say Palin has “no chance” of getting their vote.  Not even if she personally stocks their freezers with moose.  Poor Newt does even worse — his “fuhgeddaboudit” is 48%.  My faith in humanity is a little restored today.

One comment on “Rove Battles Both Perry and Palin

  1. Harris Jordan, Esquire says:

    How can your faith in humanity be restored with all these bufoons running amok?
    We need statespersons, not persons flailing around in their own rhetoric.

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