Obama’s Advantage Against Romney

I know the White House believes Mitt “I’m Also Unemployed” Romney would be their toughest opponent of the current top contenders, but they’re overlooking a very significant factor.  In presidential races, the less preppy-seeming guy usually wins.

Notice I said preppy-seeming, not preppy.  You can be a prep-school grad (as is Obama, from the Punahou School) as long as you don’t come across as one. And Mitt (Crandbrook School) sure comes off as one.

That’s why Bush 43 (Phillips Andover) was able to beat both Al Gore (St. Albans) and John Kerry (St. Paul’s).  Of course Kerry didn’t help himself by saying things like, “Who among us doesn’t love NASCAR?”  Who among us says “who among us” — only preppies.  And Bush helped himself enormously by channeling West Texas rather than New England with his pork rinds and dropped g’s.

That’s why Bush 41 (also Phillips Andover) lost to Clinton.  Bush 41 did win against Michael Dukakis, but the country wanted a third Reagan term, and Dukasis was a dufus.  As long as Obama doesn’t climb in a tank, the rule should hold.

What about Obama’s vacations in Martha’s Vineyard?  Oh, please, Muffy, the man is renting.

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