Jon Huntsman’s Great Day

It’s not a good day when you’re running for the Republican presidential nomination, and the Democratic National Committee applauds your performance on a Sunday talk show.  Jon Huntsman, on ABC’s This Week, bluntly and aggressively called out Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry for their extremism, which he warned made them unelectable, and called out Mitt Romney for his flip-flops.  It was a classic “Emperor Has No Clothes” moment.  He said what a lot of Republicans, including this one, are thinking.  In our hearts, we know he’s right.

Huntsman’s performance is unlikely to help him win the nomination.  It was a bad day for him as a candidate, but a great day for him as a human being.

One comment on “Jon Huntsman’s Great Day

  1. I suppose in running for political office the candidates must bash each other constantly but it would be more effective if they just spoke out on the issues and let the listener/reader decide who is right.

    Oh, I’m sorry, that’s not the American way.

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