The Tea Party Traitors

I used to think the Tea Party brand was cute and quaint.  Now I think it’s Orwellian.  The original Tea Party helped create this country, the new Tea Party is helping to destroy it.  If these people are patriots, what do traitors look like?  Their irrational intransigence has cost us our credit rating.

Michelle Bachmann falsely claims that we lost our AAA rating because President Obama didn’t have a plan.  On the contrary, S & P made it clear that the downgrade came because of the Tea Party’s “take no prisoners” plan to encourage and welcome chaos.  In other words, we lost our AAA rating because of the Bachmann plan.  This was a downgrade born of insanity, not insolvency.

The Tea Party “spouts” only ignorance.  Michele Bachmann says that we made it through the Great Depression without a downgrade.  S & P had no rating to lower back then — they began rating countries in 1941.

The Tea Party is so determined to put one man, President Obama, out of a job that they really don’t care how many other Americans must become or stay unemployed to accomplish that.

I’m a conservative Republican, and I have no problem with driving a hard bargain.  Driving into a brick wall is where y’all lost me.

One comment on “The Tea Party Traitors

  1. danielfee says:

    I am glad to see some conservative Republicans are seeing the TEA party for what they are, the fundamentalist wing of your party. But you know by criticizing them you are now a RINO 🙂 I just hope you guys can regain control of the Republican Party so that we can go back to arguing over the best way to address problems and reaching compromises on the solutions. Rather than have one side fighting to blow up the entire government and the other trying to keep the implosion from occuring. But it is not going to happen until the 2012 elections and the Republican primaries will tell us which way we are heading. If the TEA party candidates win, will other Republicans switch and vote for a Democrat to get rid of these guys?

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